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Bumpstop Kit for Kibbetech 2011+ GM 2500/3500 Coilover Conversion Kit
  • Weld-on bump stop kit to work in pair with our coilover conversion kits for the 2011+ GM2500/3500 vehicles 
  • Comes with King bump stop in silver/blue
  • Comes with our fabricated mounts 
  • Comes with rear weld on cover plate for void left when cutting off rear bump stop 
  • Require extensive cutting to remove both factory bump stop brackets which are welded to the chassis 
  • Requires a fair amount of welding for the bump stop mount and rear cover plate 
  • Utilizes King compact threaded body bump stop 
  • This bumpstop drastically improves bottom out control over OEM rubber bumps 
  • This bumpstop really compliments and completes our coilover conversion kit 
  • Cleanes up chassis nicely giving it a professional finished look