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Original price $5,999.99 - Original price $6,999.99
Original price
$5,999.99 - $6,999.99
Current price $5,999.99
  • CNC machined and designed in house from massive chunks of 6061 aluminum
  • Includes 2 lower arms, 2 upper arms and adjustable track bar 
  • Utilizes 1'' FK WSSX16T uniballs in each link pivot 
  • Utilizes 7/8'' FK JMX14T-770 rod ends in track bar and is fully adjustable to center rear end in vehicle perfectly 
  • Track bar clears 37” spare tire 
  • Comes with cnc machined 17-4 stainless misalignment spacers with DELRIN anti-wobbles on chassis side pivots 
  • Axle side pivots utilize high misalignment spacers to achieve maximum articulation with zero bind
  • Tremendous Increase in strength over stock 
  • Slight Decrease in weight over stock
  • Uniball pivots allow for bind free suspension movement which will ease in articulation and travel up and down freely allowing the suspension to function better and eliminates the side to side slop you get with factory OEM bushings
  • Uses all new Grade 8 5/8”-18 hardware in every pivot- These fit the pivot points better than stock (no slop)
  • Incorporated bracket for live shock sensors, bracket can easily be removed if you don't need the sensor if you upgrade shocks to Kings. 
  • Direct bolt on design- no cutting or grinding or welding required
  • Available in standard GOLD, BLACK AND RAW 
  • Custom colors available by selecting CUSTOM
  • Customs colors are anodize options only, we do not powdercoat our billet parts
  • Trailing arms will be shipping in April, first come first serve! 
Color: GOLD