Pro6; Gravity LED 6-Light 39" Combo Bar
Pro6; Gravity LED 7-Light 45" Combo Bar
Pro6; Gravity LED 8-Light 50" Combo Bar
Ford F150/Raptor; Pro6 Gravity LED 8-Light Overhead Sys 09-15
Pro6; Gravity LED 9-Light 57" Combo Bar
Ford Raptor; Pro6 Gravity LED 9-Light Overhead Sys 2017

KC Hi Lites Pro6 Gravity LED

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KC Gravity® LED Series is KC's flagship Performance LED product line. At the heart of every KC Gravity® LED light is KC’s patented Gravity® Reflective Diode (GRD). The GRD LED technology allows us to combine all the benefits of LEDs such as output and power efficiency, solid state rigidity and digital fabric with the use of precision machined optical reflectors. The combination of LEDs and precision machined optical reflectors allows KC to maximize LED light output (exponential increase over typical forward-facing LEDs) and gives us the ability to shape virtually any beam pattern so there's truly more distance and usable LED light. KC Gravity LEDs are the brightest and most efficient performance led light on the market for Jeeps, Trucks and SUVs.