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Original price $12,399.99 - Original price $13,500.00
Original price
$12,399.99 - $13,500.00
Current price $12,399.99


  • Kibbetech upper arms 
  • Kibbetech rear link kit 
  • Kibbetech tie rods 
  • Kibbetech sway bar end links 
  • kibbetech lower a arms 
  • This will be the ONLY way we offer colors other than Gold, Black and raw unless you order each item by itself in “custom” form. 
  • Manufacturing costs are through the roof and anodize batch pricing for 2 A-arms in a different color other than our standard/ most common is killing our bottom line! 
  • For detailed descriptions on each part, view the parts separately on the main TRX menu
Color: GOLD